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What will therapy involve?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a type of psychological therapy.  It is structured, brief and present focused. 

We will explore your current problems and agree a treatment plan.  You will learn new therapeutic techniques to improve your psychological health and well-being.   We will establish your specific therapeutic goals and determine what you would like to change as an outcome of coming of therapy. 

CBT is collaborative so we work together on your problem.  I will help and guide you, but for therapy to be effective, you must take an active role.  It is important that you complete between session tasks, to practice your skills in your everyday life to address your problems both now and in the future after therapy.  My aim is to teach you to become your own therapist.

The key principle behind CBT is that  what you think and do affects the way you feel. Together we will identify any unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are maintaining your problem.  We will work together to make changes to these thoughts and behaviours to improve the way that you feel.

Sessions will be conducted in a warm and empathetic manner, and we will agree from the outset how much you wish to be challenged.



Therapy sessions are normally 50 minutes long, though for some disorders at least some 90 minute sessions are necessary. We will agree a number of sessions at our initial appointment (usually between 6 and 12) and review progress regularly to ensure that treatment is proceeding as would be expected.

Working Hours

Mon - Thurs: 9am - 8pm
Fri: 9am - 1pm


Each private 50 minute session costs £80. 

Alternative charges apply to company referrals due to the additional administration required.  

Payment is required at the end of each session, by cash or card payment.  I can accept VISA, MasterCard, V-Pay, Maestro, American Express and Apple Pay.  Receipts are issued with each payment.  

If you need to cancel, please give 24 hours notice or the full session will be charged. 

If you do not attend without cancelling, the full session will be charged. 

If you are late for your session you will be charged for the full session. 

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What will happen when I get in touch?

When you get in touch we’ll arrange a day/time for a full clinical assessment to discuss the problems you’re looking for help with. At the end of this conversation we’ll agree whether-or-not my approach will be helpful to you, and if so arrange our first therapy session.

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